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Stadsfotograaf Leiden

52 weeks, 52 countries



As City Photographer, I am currently creating a project about diversity in the city of Leiden and its surroundings. Every week I photograph people – a person, a group, a family – from different backgrounds. Previous publications can be found here.

I'd like to talk to you about this project if you live here but are from outside the Netherlands, or if at least one of your parents is. Can you tell me something about your unique background and your life in Leiden? Where do you feel your roots are? How and why did you arrive to the area? How do you navigate between both cultures? 

Taking the photograph will not take long. We will agree on a location first (your home, work, or in a public place) and then the actual session should take no more than an hour. The images and a short text are for weekly publication starting in the fall of 2021. After the 52 weeks, I will also publish a book.

Participation is voluntary. If you are interested – or if you simply have a question – please click below to send me a whatsapp or an email. Thank you!

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