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Martha, Norway

What people often find interesting about me is that I am a sex therapist. They always want to know everything about it. And this while I do so much more! I have a PhD in neuroscience and work holistically, also including psychology and movement therapy. But intimacy and sexuality remain central themes in my practice, because many traumas can be related to this.

I lived in the United States for 30 years. Especially in New York I had a lot of success. Everyone knew me there and I worked continuously. New Yorkers are known for their love of therapists. I've seen all kinds of special people pass by. But after so many years, I wanted to slow down a bit. That's why we spent the last few years in Miami, but it wasn't for me either. I craved European culture.

Last year we traveled through Europe together, looking for a suitable place to settle down. My wife is Brazilian so Norway was not an option. In terms of weather, the Netherlands was not an obvious choice either, but when we arrived in Leiden, we knew immediately. This city has such great energy. Six months later we bought a house near Leidse Hout. We don't have our own furniture yet and there are still boxes, but I already feel completely at home here.

I now have customers in Leiden but also in the US. I regularly encourage them to more often look at life through an erotic lens. It helps with how we experience the world around us. It can be surprising to see how much eroticism there is in everyday objects. And how much more interesting people can be when we look at them through different eyes. This not only makes our existence more interesting, but also makes us feel more alive.

The beauty of my work is that it includes almost all aspects of being human. When a client comes to me with pain, be it physical or mental, there is always something out of balance. Instead of prescribing a pill for the symptoms, we look for the cause together. My job is to listen carefully and come up with suggestions so that this person is better in touch with their body. Any change in our lives must begin with full awareness of the self.

Instagram: @inter_x_connected


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