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Denver, Venezuela

Peekaboo, I'm Denver. I am new here. I live in Voorschoten. My father's name is Yahir and he is from Maracaibo in Venezuela. He and my mother Lauren have been living here for seven months. Before that, they ran a car wash company on the island of Aruba. But because of something called corona, that was no longer possible. Idontgetitatall.

Their story is one of the purest beautiful love stories imaginable. Why? Because they didn't speak each other's language when they met. This was three years ago. First, they looked at each other all evening in a bar and a day later they met again by chance on the beach. My father's friend spoke English, but my mother sent him away. She wanted to be alone with my father. And he with her.

After three months, they still could not speak well with each other, but moved in together anyway. They love each other that much. My mother then learned Spanish and my father is learning English and Dutch now. My grandmother also speaks Spanish, because she also comes from Aruba. So that's very useful. My grandmother thinks I'm the most beautiful baby in the world. I love my grandmother.

My father can cycle really fast. He was on the national cycling team of Venezuela. Later, in Aruba, he forgot about it a little. Here in the Netherlands, he started riding it again. He practices every day. Sometimes he is gone for five hours by bike. He is on a team and they race against people from other countries. Very cool! Recently, they had a race all the way in Cameroon. Of course I only heard about it, because I wasn't here yet.

I was born in the LUMC. It went pretty well even though it took all day. My mother was a bit tired afterwards. I am aware that at Christmas we celebrate the birth of another baby, but I don't really care. I also count! And I have a very large family in Voorschoten, who gives me lots of love and attention.

Okay, that's enough. Now I just want to sleep, eat and fill that diaper. They don't buy them for nothing after all, do they? My father, my mother, the city photographer, his assistant Roos and myself, we wish everyone happy holidays! Above all, enjoy each other’s company.


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