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Photo book Leiden City Photographer 2021-22

Your favorite book about Leiden is currently being designed. This page allows you to reserve your copy. Books will be shipped from 1 October 2022, but you can also pick it up in person and have it autographed during the Leiden Art Weekend (Kunstroute) on 24 & 25 September in Galerie Yomooka at Haagweg 4, unit E13, Leiden.



The photo book ‘Leiden, Metropolis’ focusses on diversity and inclusion in the Leiden area. It is the end product of a year-long project of the current City Photographer, Koen Suidgeest. Its goal has been to create dynamic connections between all those small islands of internationals in our city and its surroundings.


The 52 stories from just as many countries come together in a publication that could possibly become one of the most desired gifts of the year. Its designer, Sybren Kuiper, has previously won many international awards with his book designs. Photographer and designer have chosen to first showcase all the images in full size, before offering the reader the accompanying texts in a following section. In this way, the book will primarily be a visual experience. A specific way of binding will ensure that all images open flat for best viewing. The texts are fully bilingual, in English and Dutch.


Photography & text: Koen Suidgeest

Design: -SYB-

Size: 170 x 230 cm portrait

Content: 224 pages in a strong soft cover

Paper type page 1 to 112: 140 grs Arena Extra White

Paper type page 113 to 224: 80 grs Rebello

Cover: 300 grs Arena Extra White

Printing: Wilco Art Books (Amersfoort)

Photo book 'Metropolis Leiden'

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